How to be Happy!

You Know You Want It

Imagine what life would be like if you knew how to make and keep yourself happy every day. Imagine not getting stuck in bad feelings.

Imagine knowing how to be genuinely optimistic, how to genuinely feel good, and how to have better relationships.

This 6 week program will reveal to you the Secrets of Happiness. Research says that Happy People are happy because they have a set of habits and strategies they use to stay that way. Each week of this information packed course will cover a different aspect of these habits and strategies. You will learn the secrets of: • Being the CEO of your own happiness.

• Beating perfectionism and other mind games that make you unhappy.

• Beating unhappiness through being more in the moment.

• Developing daily habits that will beat the blues and improve your self-esteem.

• Developing habits that literally change your brain and make it happier.

• Cultivating better relationships.

• Making your life more meaningful and therefore more happy.

What People are Saying about How to be Happy:

“Just a short Thankyou to Michelle, for imparting all her valuable knowledge into our Happiness Group.  It was a great six weeks, full of lots of laughs and learning and with a terrific bunch of people. All very caring, warm and understanding people.   It was only an hour or so every week. But I always left the group feeling so much better about life, myself and full of determination to search for ways to support my fulfillment in a Happy Life.  My whole direction has changed to a whole range of different things if life. Michelle is such a warm,caring and  compasionate person I could only impress onto anyone, if they had the opportunity to take part in the course, to do so.    Definately one of  the best things I have done. There is  work to be done on your behalf, but you have all the support there to keep you focused and committed all the way.  The world is very lucky to have people in it like Michelle. To spread the Happy Bug!  Many Thanks & hugs” Elise (age 45)

“All my life I have been the kind of person who has had a natural tendency to overthink, analyse, and feel deeply. While often this has seemed like a curse in that I have had some heartbreaking lows, I have come to learn that it can also be an incredible gift when directed in the right way; and this is such an exciting realisation!  Being happy to some may be such a simple thing, but for me it has required vigilance and a series of deliberate choices on a daily basis. This is not meant to detract from happiness in any way; in fact, the fact that you have had to learn how to do it makes it even more exciting when that true happiness and contentment is real and genuinely felt! The ‘Happiness Group’ as I like to call it, helped me to realise that I am not the only one who has had to learn how to maintain happiness and contentment. Michelle provides and suggests simple strategies which make such huge differences. While some of these I had stumbled across in my own journey, the fact that other people also validate these as effective strategies makes me feel as though I am a part of something bigger than myself. It’s also cool to be able to share your personal progress with other people who ‘get it’and are on a similar journey! We are all human. We are all connected. We don’t have to do everything on our own.” Sarah (age 27)


Each week for 6 weeks we will meet for an hour to discuss the Secrets of Happiness and talk about how you can apply them to your life. This small group meeting will give you the chance to discuss where you might be getting stuck and the challenges you may be facing along the way. You will be able to learn from other group members and start to develop social support that is so necessary for happiness.

All emails are sent as PDFs for you to download and keep. That way you can refer to them for years to come. What you learn in these 6 weeks, you will continue to use for the rest of your life.

This course is packed full of information and strategies. All Secrets and Strategies of Happiness are backed up by scientific research.