Are You Affected by Relentless Stress?

stress headSo here we are, in a world with a million time saving devices and we’re more time poor than ever. We’re constantly rushing around trying to get everything done and never seeming to do it.

There are new syndromes popping up all over the place “rushing woman’s syndrome”(which apart from the menstrual imbalances, could probably apply to rushing men too), adrenal fatigue, and mental load (the mental drain that comes from having to be on top of remembering and organising all the little things).

A quarter of Australians are sleep deprived. Three quarters of us say stress negatively impacts our lives.


That is tooooo much stress for tooooo many people for way toooo long.

We seriously need to kick the stress habit.

Ok. I know there are some things that are unavoidable. I see plenty of people that have one thing happen after another. Not much you can do to change those things. But we can try to change what we can.

Are you suffering from relentless stress? Maybe you need to drop the relentless standards. You know the ones that say you should be the perfect person and have all your shit together and live in a model home where you could eat off the floor and never be tired and never be cranky and never look like something the cat dragged in.

I can guarantee you I have days where I’m a feral, tired, cranky cow walking over food that was left from preparing last night’s dinner (I would definitely NOT eat that off the floor) with lank hair and panda eyes from the make-up I couldn’t be bothered taking off last night.

Nobody is perfect! Often.

Want to stop the relentless stress? Maybe stop the relentless pushing. I have a hard time with this one sometimes. Let’s face it, there is a lot to do. And sometimes if you don’t do it, it actually doesn’t get done. But…..ask yourself this question…what is your life worth?

Is it worth staying up til all hours making sure ALL the washing is done and folded and ironed? Can it wait if you’re really tired? So what if the whites aren’t done. Wear black for the rest of the week. It’s harder to see the stains anyway. Win. Win.

Is it worth staying back at work to finish that thing so you don’t have the unfinished thing hanging over your head? Wouldn’t it be better to learn to let it go and spend some time with your family, your friends or yourself and come back to work feeling refreshed rather than depleted?

So you get the point. Or let me spell the point out so you don’t have to use any mental load on thinking about it.

We need to start treating ourselves as a priority.

As number one.

As a human being who has human limitations.

As someone who deserves to feel stress-free and happy.

So do it 🙂