Tame Stress & Tackle Anxiety


If you have times where you’re a bit of a stress bunny like me, then do I have just the thing for you.MH-ESSM-Group-2

Some of you might know that I ran a Stress Management course recently – and if you attended you would know how much great stuff there was in it.

Well…… I listened to all of you who said things like “I don’t have time to get to a course” “I can’t fit it in around work/the kids/melting down (just kidding!) and my favourite “it would stress me out having to commit to 5 weeks of classes”

So…..I created this same program as an online course. That means you can do it in your own time, at your own pace, in your own way. No having to be at my office at a set time.

So it’s basically ….ummmmmm… a stress-free way of doing it.

And because it has super-strength stress management strategies I decided to call it Executive Strength Stress Management. Sounds powerful huh!

Because you’re extra special to me and I had you in mind when I was pricing this I have decided to offer it at a hugely discounted price. You might remember it was $175  when I ran it recently. Of course you got me in person then too. So I got to answer all your questions on the spot. And you got to hear any funny stories I’d come across in my research on stress management.

Anyway, I wanted to make sure it was affordable for you. Because I know how good the content is – I use it all the time myself – and I didn’t want you to miss out.

So for a limited time I am offering this course for only $49.

And because I know how good this is – if you want to try the 1st Module for free all you have to do is  click on the picture of the manual and CD to your right. If you love the 1st Module then you can move on to the whole program for only $49.

This is what you’ll be getting in Executive Strength Stress Management:

  • 5 Modules of Super-strength stress management techniques that actually work.
  •  What your brain has to say about stress and how to change it.
  •  Steps to feel more in control of any stressful situation.
  •  What trumps stress every time and how to use it effectively.  

 You will receive:

  • An Executive Strength Stress Management manual
  • An Executive Strength Stress Management workbook.
  • MP3 recordings of each Module so you can listen at your leisure.
  • A ‘Progressive Relaxation’ MP3 for really banishing your stress.
  • A ‘Stress-Free Future’ Guided Visualisation with bilateral stimulation to make your future super-stress-free.
  • A ‘Meditation for Maniacs’ guided MP3 for those who just can’t slow down. This also includes Mindful Walking’ instructions for a slower pace.

That’s a lot huh!

This is what some other people have said about it:

The Executive Strength Stress Management program gave me genuine insight into the different aspects of stress, how stress shows itself and the impact stress creates on my daily life and such an eye opener to the effects it can cause to my physical and emotional body. When starting the course I really had no idea what stress actually is. Through the course I started to see that I was not in control of my stress at all. By the end of the course I have such a better understanding of what skills I need to control stress and even prevent stress where I can. I know now that doing this course has given me the right tools for the environment I am living in.”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your expert advise and guidance through out the stress management awareness lessons.  I believe that the techniques we have learned and discovered are helping and will help into the future.  Doc Michelle has a caring nature and a laid back teaching method that is very effective. I didn’t think my stress levels would have reduced as quickly as they did. I recommend Michelle and her Stress Management teachings without any hesitation.”

“A few words of praise & thanks for Michelle & her Stress Management Course, which I’ve just completed. Good solid, logical guidance. The experience is invaluable. Michelle passes on her knowledge and research in such a fashion that is relevant to all of our lives.  And there is always a good laugh to be had!! You learn how to turn the hard unmanageable times of everyday life into a way of dealing with things in a different light, and a positive structure can be put into practice.

 It’s never going to be a perfect world & it’s getting crazier every day. But when you have someone so passionate & caring to guide you and share their ongoing work with you it gives you a surge of hope & determination that there is a way through.” 

And if you wanted to know just a little bit more here’s what each Module covers:

Module 1: What is Stress? And How Stressed are YOU?

  • Find out how stressed you really are and determine which stressors hijack you.
  • Learn about the fight or flight response and how it can effect everything – your ability to think positively, your focus and concentration and your ability to perform at your peak.
  • Recognise how influential your subconscious mind is in how stress affects us.
  • Identify your early warning signs of stress so you can take charge before stress gets out of control.

Module 2: Your Brain & Stress

  • Discover the easiest brain strategies to overcome stress.
  • Find out how to use your natural rhythms to enhance your performance and stay stress-free.

Module 3: Your Body & Stress

  • Learn about the dangers of a high-stress lifestyle, the stages of stress and what to look for if you want to avoid burnout.
  • Choose from multiple techniques that will keep you functioning at your peak.
  • Find out why stress makes you fat and learn how to stay healthy and energetic.
  • Learn Meditation for Maniacs

Module 4: More Stuff that Works

  • Find out how your coping style influences your stress levels and learn 3 ways to improve it.
  • Learn some practical time and stress saving strategies.
  • Find out how being a control-freak can be to your benefit.

Module 5: Prevention is Better than Cure

  • Explore multiple preventative stress management strategies.
  • Find out how freeing up your ‘attentional units’ can reduce your stress and enhance your performance.
  • Discover how a technique from Sports Psychology can radically improve your performance.
  • Find out why social support is the best stress management strategy ever and work on the blocks that keep you from using it.

So take advantage of this discounted price and get stress-free now. Click on “Tame Your Fears and Take on the World” to your right.