A Free Personality Test for You

Psychology TestThere’s a personality test that is HUGELY famous in the psychology world. It’s based on the Five Factor Personality Model (nicknamed The Big 5).

Who doesn’t love finding out more about themselves? And who doesn’t love having an explanation of their character spat out at the end of a series of questions? And that’s just what this test does.

What you will find out is where you lie on these 5 dimensions:
See if you can guess what you’re strongest on before you take the test.

If you’re high on Openness to Experience you will be imaginative, insightful, have a wide variety of interests, curious and creative. If you’re low you probably prefer routine and sticking to what you know.

If you’re high on Conscientiousness you will be self-disciplined, hard working, reliable and resourceful. If you’re low you’re probably a procrastinator and impulsive.

If you’re high on Extraversion you will be sociable, energetic, fun-loving and talkative. If you’re low you’re probably introspective, reserved and thoughtful.

If you’re high on Agreeableness you will be kind, loyal, sensitive, and considerate. If you’re low you’re probably callous and sarcastic.

If you’re high on Neuroticism you will be moody, self-critical and insecure. If you’re low you’re probably confident, brave and adventurous.

So now it’s time to take the test. See if you have any surprises.

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Happy Test Taking