Can’t move on? Brain Hack to help you

Brain HackLife throws us challenges that don’t always work out. Your relationship fails. Your business fails. Something completely side-swipes you and brings you to your knees.

Try as you might, you can’t move on.

Your mind is still consumed with your ex. You’re cautious about making business decisions. You lay low, trying to protect yourself from the unpredictable.

Of course, none of this helps.

Living in the past or being afraid of the future only helps to keep us stuck.

What you need to do is move on. And here’s how to harness the power of your brain to help you.

Memory is largely to blame for keeping us stuck. Fortunately, our memory system is incredibly unreliable. We can use this to our advantage.

Do you keep ruminating about how much your ex hurt you? Use your memory system to weaken bad memories. Imagine them fading – the volume goes down, the lighting gets dimmer, they become more and more out of focus.

To make this even more powerful you can intersperse the memories with something funny or more positive. Imagine your ex wearing the most ludicrous outfit imaginable at the precise moment they were the most hurtful. Rewrite the memory so that instead of you shrinking with pain, you grow taller, more confident, bulletproof.

Are you super-cautious after a failure? If you find yourself remembering the failures, consciously take your memory system on a journey through your past successes. Dim out the failure memories. Rewrite them with all the clever things you actually did through that time. Prepare a future memory script that shows you coming up with inventive, amazing ideas if the going gets tough.

No matter if it’s the failure of a relationship, the failure of a business or just generally being side swiped, these brain hacks will help you move on.

Get creative with what you do but remember that positive rewrites should be vivid with lots of detail for each of the senses. Fading negative memories should be as bland as possible – no colour, muted sound and fuzzy focus.

Happy Brain Hacking