Watch Out! Don’t Burn Out Part 2

to do: nothingIn Watch Out! Don’t Burn Out Part 1 I mentioned some of the signs that say you might be burning out.

Today I’m going to help you with some ways to prevent you moving into total burnout.

When we hit the slippery slope into burnout the first two things we do are: work harder and ditch our self-care.

So you may find yourself doing overtime and feeling more responsible for more areas that are not necessarily your responsibility. At home you may find yourself going crazy with having to having to make everything from scratch even though it takes so much extra time. You’re probably also putting pressure on yourself to finish all those little jobs that have been hanging around forever, leaving you even less time to recharge your batteries.

Even though it may not feel possible, what you really need to is work less.

Those chores can wait. You won’t die if you don’t make your own bread. And your job will continue on without you being in charge of everything.

So there you go. I give you permission to resign as CEO of the Universe.

What you also need to do is increase your self-care.

So whatever that is for you – spending time in nature, sleeping in, getting a massage, reading a book or seeing a movie – make sure you’re doing plenty of it.

Let me know your favourite self-care activities.