Gone are the days of feeling like you need to be crazy to see a ‘shrink’.

Let’s face it, we all have times when life gets on top of us. When we know there must be a better way of doing things but we’re not sure how. When family or friends just aren’t the right people to talk to. When we know we could get there ourselves eventually but realise it would be quicker and less painful with a little bit of help.

Sometimes there are terrible things that have happened or are still happening and we feel it’s time to deal with them.

No matter your reason you want to make sure you’re getting the best help you possibly can. And there are a few things about Psychology you need to know to make sure that’s what you get.

  • The one big thing that stands out is that you HAVE to ‘click’ with your Psychologist (that’s me hopefully!). There’s oodles of research to say that this is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of therapy.
  • The next big thing is you need to have someone who ‘gets’ you. If I don’t ‘get’ you you’re not going to give as much credit to the things I say and you’re not going to trust my judgement as much.
  • And the next is that we need to have congruent goals. That means we need to be working together to reach a point that is meaningful to you.

Your first session will be your opportunity to get to know me and decide if I’m the right person for you. If I’m not it’s really important to tell me. I can help you find someone that might be more suited to you.

If you like me and want to work with me we can then tailor everything to suit you. My motto in my office is “It’s all about you” so be prepared to be the focus of all my compassion, care, and attention. I never stop believing that you are the most important person in the world whether you’re at rock bottom or CEO of the known world.