Executive Strength Stress Management course gives strategies for everyone

The Executive Strength Management course was a positive experience. As the pace of life increases, we can sometimes get a little lost in the hustle and bustle. I really enjoyed and appreciated the work on thought processes and how these can affect the way we perceive the world around us. The little tests along the way were useful “check-ups” and quite revealing at times: just how much we are sometimes asked to balance in our everyday lives.

As a Manager working with hundreds of staff each day, monitoring and giving advice to staff on reducing stress is a critical task. This course has given me new ideas and perspectives for assisting our people. It’s also helped me realise strategies I can employ, to assist myself at the same time.

I would recommend consideration of this course and Michelle’s work – she is a passionate and dedicated professional. I appreciate her positive and often humourous take on enjoying life as much as we can.