Move Over New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s Something that Works

Which Intention?I love to steal good ideas from people. Unfortunately my integrity stops me from claiming them as my own or you would all think I’m brilliant by now.

This particular idea came hot on the heels of talk about New Year’s Resolutions. I’m not sure if you’ve read my previous blogs on New Year’s Resolutions but the research behind them basically say they’re rubbish and you shouldn’t bother making them. There’s only a very small chance that you will stick to them and when you don’t you’re probably going to feel like a failure. So….completely pointless.

An intention on the other hand could be something entirely different. (Not sure about the research on these but based on a sample of one, they seem to be pretty effective).

This is how it goes. I set an intention of say “Courage” (yes this is me completely stealing the idea – even using the same intention).

I get myself a “Courage” jar. I try to choose the courageous option for the entirety of the year and each time I do, I write it down and put it in the jar. If i find myself thinking the jar is looking a bit empty, I do something else courageous so I can add to it. This is very rewarding which is what keeps us going when doing something new.

If I set an intention of say “Equanimity” (that’s a fancy way of saying emotional balance), I might wake up a bit snarly, remind myself of my “Equanimity” intention and focus on the things to be grateful for or do some nice self-soothing thing (meditate, exercise, breathe). Not only do I feel better but I also get to put something in the jar which will give me a sense of achievement.

This makes me want to do it again.

So it’s win win.

You could even post your intention around the house so you’re always reminded of it. A visual representation is always helpful to jog your memory and absorb the new behaviour into your subconscious mind.

You might even do a vision board about your intention so you can have some more symbolic cues. Pretty things are also quite pleasing to your brain and it will be more happy to be on board with your intention.

If you decide to set an intention, let me know what it is.

I’m glad I wrote this. It has me thinking about mine.