Work with Me

So now that you’ve gotten to know me a bit better maybe you’ve decided that I’m the psychologist for you.      

Where do we go from here?

Work with me in person

You can read up on the different ways you can work with me – Psychology, Positive Psychology & Coaching, or EMDR. Decide which one suits you best.

Then it’s just a matter of calling during business hours, having a brief chat with me to see if you like me (read “Psychology” from the drop-down menu to see how important is for you that we ‘click’) and making an appointment.


Work with me online

Maybe you think an online program would suit you better. This is even easier still. All you have to do is click on the image of the program you’re interested in, hit the ‘pay now’ button and you will have instant access to the program to listen to/read/engage in at your leisure.

Throughout the year I will offer the online programs as in-person workshops so if you want the personal touch with a bit more individual help then download the free 1st Module of Executive Strength Stress Management and get free access to my newsletter. This will keep you informed of any workshops I have coming up.